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About Badminton

GMIT Badminton Club varies in standard from complete beginners to international standard players. You can expect to experience a very warm & welcome community of badminton players and with badminton rackets & shuttles provided on the night for anyone without a racket, there is a space on a court for everyone.

No matter what your level, from the complete beginner looking for a bit of fun to an experienced player looking to win the Intervarsities, we are glad to have you.

We train every Monday @ 6pm & Wednesday @ 7.30pm in the GMIT Sports Hall.

We compete in the Student Sport Ireland College League and the National Intervarsities each year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Badminton COVID-19 Officer
Zohaib Gulzar (Secretary)
Current Committee 3
Captain Tony Crowley
Secretary Zohaib Gulzar
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