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Student Choir which is a collaboration of Students Union and Healthy Campus was a big hit in it’s inaugural year last year but this year unfortunately it is not possible to have live rehearsals as group singing is considered high risk in relation to Covid-19.

When campus closed in March, our Choir Director, Sean Rowland, produced two Virtual Choir projects which were for both staff and students and attracted participants from all 5 GMIT campuses. Watch the videos here:

Project 1 -

Project 2 -

We also had a number 1 in the Irish iTunes chart with our Christmas single:

This term we have three virtual choir projects planned – the first one is a staff only one, the second one is a student only one and the third one is a Christmas joint staff and student one.

Choir COVID-19 Officer
JASMIN MINK (Chairperson)
Current Committee 3
Chairperson JASMIN MINK
Choir Director Sean Rowland
Development Officer ANita Mahony

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