Welcome to GMIT’s Ladies Football Team!

(EMILY MC GRORY (Captain))

"Hi everyone!Welcome to the ladies GAA Football Team and welcome back to all those who have returned to GMIT this year. Myself, Maeve and Siobhan will be in contact with you all in the next week in regards to getting to know new members and having a chat about how we will stay connected and stay fit ?? Nigel has sent out an email to all students about Virtual Fitness Classes which I have put below for anyone who wants to build up there fitness for when we hopefully get the chance to train as a team. It’s also a great way to stay active in these unfortunate circumstances we are under with level 5 restrictions. Stay safe,Emily McGrory  please see below info on Virtual Fitness Classes , the info will direct you to "Virtual Fitness" which is in the Galway section of gmitsulife.ie but Mayo Campus students are also free to join Our virtual fitness classes are now LIVE!!!! Classes are FREE to all GMIT Students. Simply register on GMITSU Life – www.gmitsulife.ie and join 'Virtual Fitness' under the clubs and fitness section to avail of the classes. You must Pre book all classes 24 hours in advance and then simply click on the link on the time of the class to join. Once you have pre - booked you will be granted access from the lobby. Cameras can be on or off. However, this evenings and tomorrows sessions can be booked 2 hours in advance for this week only. We have Pilates, HITT, Strength & Conditioning and Total Body Workouts on offer at mornings, evenings & lunch times. We are in a challenging time, so now more than ever physical activity is essential for both your mental & physical health. Pre booking into our classes will help keep you in a daily routine. Sign up, pre book and drag a friend along – they’ll thank you in the long run"

Virtual Fitness Classes

(Nigel Jennings - Sports Officer)

"Mayo Campus Movers is a new club, formed last year, around the belief that the more we move the better. Never has that been proven to more apt or relevant than in our current situation as we find ourselves housebound and deskbound for large chunks of the teaching day. It's fitting that this online fitness Initiative, which we are delighted to bring you, should spring from that club and that ethos.The binding link between the two is Mark McGovern – instrumental in establishing the club in the first instance, Mark is also the force behind this initiative and indeed the face in front of the camera. He came to our attention last year through his phenomenal fundraising efforts for ocean conservation charities running the Dublin City Marathon in full scuba gear – an incredible achievement. His infectious enthusiasm is his trademark and this and his professionalism shine through the videos he has crafted and created.Crafted because he has designed them specifically to suit your needs at this time with the following aspects:The course contains a fit test at the start which is vital for you to gauge your fitness levels but also to act as a measure of your progressMark has posted a brief stretch/flexibility video that he recommends you follow before each workoutThere is a downloadable excel timetable so if you are following videos on the various platforms you will know what sequence to follow them inMark has engaged a colleague who will be on screen allowing beginners and the more advanced to work at their respective levels There is a further fit test halfway through the courseCreated because from adversity springs creativity – this is not a way we had considered running our clubs and societies before but it may well be that as we adapt, and even once we have moved on from the current challenges, this will be a simple way of working out and keeping well and healthy that we can keep with usThe class structure will be 20minute HIIT/bodyweight training and when the stretch is factored in the whole thing shouldn’t take more than 25 minutes courses will start with a fit test and run for 4 weeks with classes running on Monday Wednesday and Friday.Week 3 will start with another fit test so you can gauge your progress and the classes from the first 2 weeks will be repeated.After 4 weeks a new course would begin with a new fit test and all-new classesIt promises to be a great Mayo Campus Movers initiative make sure you get involvedDownload your Virtual Fitness Class PlanDownload your Fitness Tracker"

Hello everybody


"How's it going Boys and Girls?Welcomes to the surf club are due, so welcome.Straight up im not sure how this is going to work, first time doing this but happy to give it a crack ans see what happens.I'm not even sure where this message is going to come up or if it goes out in an email, so bear with us and let us know if it does please.So as you might be aware the west of Ireland has some amazing surf spots, some only a few hours a way and some even closer than that. One of the closest and that seems to be most consistent is called Carrowniskey, about an hour away in Mayo, there is also a surf school there so I'm sure we will hit that spot soon enough. Bundoran is about two and half hurs away and has some really nice waves as well, i think that would be more fun to plan a trip there and spend the night up there.Now, with this virus still going around and the way the country as been locked down (ish) again for the coming weeks I think trips and booking/renting through schools is off the cards for the moment uinfortunatley. I'm not sure how the stance is on travelling between Counties at the moment, but for those who have wheels and their own boards, if the wind holds up there might be some small but fun waves in Carrowniskey wednesday/thursday moring (Pending intercounty travel permissions).These are a couple of websites that can be used to look at charts and surfspots for those that are interested, Magicseaweed is very simple and quite easy to use; windguru goes into a but more depth and can be a lot of informatin for the untrained eye.https://es.magicseaweed.com/Carrowniskey-Surf-Report/986/https://www.windguru.cz/47732Both have quite a large database as well so cover a lot of breaks and beaches.So basically hello everyone and once these few weeks pass and hopefully everything clears up again we will look at getting some boards and lessons up in Carrowniskey for those that are keen.Take it easy :)"

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